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This year’s ride will be more enjoyable than ever as Zub Wear introduces the most versatile biking headwear on the market. Zub Wear provides both the mountain bike rider and cyclist with a multipurpose product that can be utilized as a do-rag, skullcap, headband and more during warm weather. 

The Zub may be worn as a full-face mask, cap, neck gaiter or scarf during cold weather. The product also serves as the perfect helmet liner. From mountain bikes and BMX, to cross country bikes and cyclists, riders of various bikes endorse the product’s usage during all types of weather conditions. 

During warm weather, Zub Wear helps keep riders dry and cool as the evaporation process absorbs heat away from the neck and head – even when worn underneath a helmet. During cold weather, the breathable material actually expands, creating a layer of insulation that maintains body heat while keeping cold wind and air out. Zub Wear is also comfortable and seamless, important to riders who spend hours on the road or in the woods.

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