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Have you found a new way of wearing your Zub or a new use for it?  Are you happy with your new Zub?  Send us a picture and/or your testimonial to and you might find yourself on our site and with a free Züb.

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Hey Guys,


I talked to you the end of last year after I bought one of your Zubs at a bike rally and it saved my head on the ride home. All my biker friends want one now so I would like to get some pricing.  I think you told me before that I could get the best price if I went ahead and bought in quantity and resold.  I am very interested and ready to make this happen.


Thanks again,


 Doc Cline

Suzie Mating 

Picture from West Central Illinois ORV Club

Hi Alex,

Got my Zub late last week.  I used it on Saturday as a headband under my helmet for a mountain bike ride.  Just thought I'd let you know that it's great.  I'll pass the word on to others in the club.  Thanks again!

Have a great day!


I got a zub last fall. I used it so much in many different ways it was the best in many ways.  It has replaced headbands, scarf's and lite weight caps in my biking wardrobe.


Lloyd Buth

Hey I purchased some of your tubular headwear and happened to notice the Fayetteville (I probably didn't spell that right) address. I used to live on a chicken farm there and don't remember anything but the Campbell's factory and chickens. You all are way to cool for a town that mall.  I really enjoy the headwear. 

Thanks a lot,

Ian McArtor


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