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The Zub 360 is the latest in multifunctional headwear. It is made of high-tech micro-fiber for ultimate performance. It is designed to provide the best in comfort, wickability, breathability and wind resistance.  The micro-fiber technology creates a structure made of many microscopic filaments that provide a layering effect, in cold weather, the breathable material actually expands creating a layer of insulation that maintains body heat while keeping cold wind and air out.  For extra protection the user can fold the micro-fiber sleeve to create extra layers for added protection. 

The Zub 360 has a fleece extension that will keep cold wind from going into your clothes if you use it around your neck. Or provide extra protection for your ears and head. The Zub 360 is a multifunctional product can be used in a wide variety of ways. Because all these and other outstanding features the Zub is perfect for all around protection!   Excellent to wear with or without helmet with the comfort of the light, elastic and soft micro-fiber material. The Zub 360 the best head gear for the motorcycle rider!

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